Miralupa Announces AR Grid™

Blockchain-Based Distributed Global Ledger Will Employ Tokenized Assets To Facilitate AR Content Contribution, Bidding, Scheduling, Publishing And Viewing For The AR Cloud

Quebec, Canada ̶ October 19, 2017 ̶AR technology services provider Miralupa Inc. today announced it will develop AR Grid, a blockchain-based global distributed ledger employing tokenized assets to facilitate AR content contribution, bidding, scheduling, publishing, monitoring and viewing for the AR Cloud.

Explosive interest and growth in augmented reality will see the advent of the AR Cloud as the global shared digital 3D space for AR content collaboration, commerce and engagement.
AR Grid provides the AR Cloud with a transactional infrastructure, acting as a real-time 3D “AR earth market” that creates new revenue opportunities and incentivizes users to participate through tokenized assets. AR Grid will allow consumers to easily engage and interact with AR content from anywhere on the planet at any time on any device.

Miralupa will develop AR Grid by open-sourcing and building upon its flagship MARGE AR platform. MARGE offers a robust, scalable and customizable AR architecture enabling AR experiences spanning multiple venues, device types, technologies and technical standards. MARGE is used by interactive AR film producer CieAR and others to create and distribute AR content.
“As a company with deep experience in augmented reality, we understand the almost limitless range of possibilities for AR as a highly impactful communications tool across almost every market,” said Robert Young, co-founder and president for both Miralupa and CieAR. “The brand landscape today is already congested and incredibly competitive. Imagine managing mega-user transactions for AR content publishing, scheduling and viewing when virtually any space on earth – a sidewalk, street corner or store shop window – is an opportunity to engage and share brand information as an interactive AR experience.”

MARGE currently supports major AR technologies and is adding support for ARCore and ARKit.

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About Miralupa

Miralupa has deep knowledge related to the creation of commercial, printing, gaming and entertainment apps for mobile devices, augmented reality and entertainment experiences. With its technology, marge.io, Miralupa is able to leverage our knowledge and experience into a vast array of creative projects. For more information please visit www.miralupa.com

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