Miralupa’s MARGE™ Augmented Reality Technology Drives Interactive Mobile Game at Museum of Science and Technology Canada

CREO Chooses MARGE For New Artébot Immersive Museum Experience Designed for Kids Aged 8-14 and Their Families

MONTRÉAL, Qc – November 2, 2016 – Miralupa announced today that its MARGE™ augmented reality (AR) platform is driving a new interactive mobile game to be deployed in October, 2017 at the Museum of Science and Technology Canada (MTSC) in Ottawa. Artébot, developed by Montreal-based CREO, is an educational AR game available for smartphones and tablets that will encourage young visitors, aged 8-14, and their families to interact with the museum’s collections in an engaging and entertaining way.

“It’s exciting for us to be able to offer such a unique experience to the museum,” said Caroline Julien, General Director and founder at CREO. “MARGE is a solid and tested platform which allows us to push the limits of creativity while cultivating a taste for discovery for Artébot players.”

The Miralupa-developed MARGE™ technology platform is robust and reliable and offers a precise alignment of the virtual 3D elements within Artébot to scale with real places. Other features include advanced geolocation for enhanced interactivity with 3D characters, as well as the ability to drive multilingual experiences.

Artébot gamifies the museum experience, offering a rich, motivating environment that stimulates young visitors with features such as a real-time interactive obstacle course in augmented reality. Throughout the experience, users are challenged with science, math and technology-related activities designed to deepen the learning gained and help defeat l’Artégoinfre destroyer of technology artefacts.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology which allows users to see and interact with digital creations in the real world, and in real time 3D space when viewed through a device like a smart phone, tablet, or smart glasses. AR has a vast array of applications, in the industrial / commercial, gamification, and exhibitions / events sectors and advertising. AR produces a unique interactive experience which engages audiences with measurable, trackable results.

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About CREO

Over the past 15 years, CREO has been producing and distributing innovative, multiplatform science popularization tools to help partners enhance their educational, communications, and marketing activities. CREO creates serious games that build intelligence, cultivate a taste for discovery, and promote educational success. In business since December 2001, CREO works with private companies, governments, museums, industry taskforces, foundations, and teaching institutions to explore new ways of communicating, informing and educating. Inspired by popular online virtual worlds, its GAME FOR SCIENCE platform (www.gameforscience.ca) stimulates the interest of young people in science. For more info: online portfolioWebsiteFacebookTwitterLinkedin

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Miralupa is a pioneer in Augmented Reality (AR). Since 2011, Miralupa has designed and developed compelling augmented reality mobile solutions for businesses that wish to elevate their levels of content entertainment and content engagement. The company’s mission is to rediscover applications in which AR can improve traditional business practices and redefine the application of technology in everyday life. For more information please contact www.miralupa.com.

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