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ROBERT YOUNG - President
ROBERT YOUNG - President


Vic Caruso - Vice president, Sales
Vic Caruso - Vice president, Sales


We are only as good as our people – and they are amazing! Miralupa‘s team spans a variety of backgrounds, interests, and perspectives. The interplay of diversity, among ourselves and with our clients, creates a vibrant environment that inspires innovation.



Maintaining an innovative, highly creative and collaborative team-oriented environment is critical to achieving our goals. We do our utmost to exceed customer and shareholder expectations and provide a rewarding and satisfying work environment for our employees. We encourage you to learn more about us and let us know if you’re interested in joining our team.



We’re looking for students with the talent, aptitude and initiative to get involved with us early in their careers. Hiring college and graduate students is a key Miralupa business strategy. We look at our long-term success and recognize the value in continually adding talented and energetic young people.



We believe that internships provide a win-win opportunity for both students and Miralupa. It’s never too soon to start planning for your first job. At Miralupa, our internship program provides valuable hands-on experience before your career begins; students have a great opportunity to develop professional skills in a real-world environment that encourages personal development and career growth. During your internship, you will perform meaningful work under the guidance of highly-qualified professionals.



Interested in a job at Miralupa? Resumes may be sent to: info@miralupa.com

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Intermediate 3D Animator

CieAR/Miralupa, Québec, QC

Contractual Job Description
We are looking for a talented 3D animator to join our production team here in Quebec City, on the creation of an exceptionally cool mobile augmented reality project.

What You’ll Do:

  • Unity and be able to integrate animations
  • Voice-Mocap Synchronization (Lip animation)
  • Animation (retargeting from mocap data)
  • Animation improvement (animation by hand of complex clothing including period dresses, frock coats, etc…)
  • MotionBuilder
  • Animation skeletons (rig)
  • Assigning the vertex of the model to the animation skeleton (skin)
  • 3dsMax
  • Animation (retargeting from mocap data)
  • Share your experience and train our existing team


You Have Experience with:

  • Unity
  • MotionBuilder
  • 3dsMax
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Mocap

You’re a team player with a college diploma in 3D animation or equivalent and will already have several 3D animated productions in your portfolio. Your strong technical skills complement your experience in video game production and will support our existing team and you have an innate desire to face challenges and problems head-on.

Here’s Why We Think You’ll Like What You See at CieAR & Miralupa:
Besides being a genuinely happy and abnormal group of people, we are also sometimes pretty funny – and we are adamant about having fun at work – it’s pretty easy to have fun with this team though because we are working on such cool stuff! With AR taking a front row seat in the future of so many different industries, it just never gets boring. We are offering the right candidate an exceptional experience alongside a talented and pioneering group of colleagues.

What Next?
Aside from your most up-to-date CV, we’ll need to see your portfolio or examples of your work (demos, animations, images, websites, etc). If it’s an online portfolio and you have your own website, please send us the links.


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